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Tales of Mystery and Imagination I Robot
Pyramid Eve
The Turn of a Friendly Card Eye in the Sky
Ammonia Avenue Vulture Culture
Stereotomy Gaudi
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Tales of Mystery and Imagination
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Tales of Mystery and Imagination



Lead Vocals   Arthur Brown
John Miles
Leonard Whiting
Terry Sylvester
Alan Parsons & Eric Woolfson
(EMI vocoder)
Additional Vocals   Jack Harris
Terry Vocals
Eric Woolfson
Alan Parsons
Backing Vocals   Eric Woolfson
David Paton
Jane Powell
Narration   Orson Welles
Leonard Whiting
Choir & Orchestras    
Arranged & conducted   Andrew Powell
Choirs   Bob Howes and The English
Chorale & Westminster City
School Boys Choir
Orchestra Leader   David Katz
Jack Rothstein
Bass   David Paton
Joe Puerta
Les Hurdle
String Bass   Darryl Runswich
Drums   Stuart Tosh
Burleigh Drummond
Percussion   Stuart Tosh
Electric Guitar   Ian Bairnson
Acoustic Guitar   Ian Bairnson
David Paton
David Pack
John Miles,
Laurence Juber
Kevin Peek
Mandolin   Hugo D'Alton
Harp   David Snell
Recorders   Billy Lyall
Alan Parsons
Fender Rhodes &
  Billy Lyall
Cimbalom & Kantele   John Leach
Piano   Billy Lyall
Harpsichord   Eric Woolfson
Francis Monkman
Organ   Francis Monkman
Eric Woolfson
Keyboard   Eric Woolfson
Billy Lyall
Christopher North
Projectron & New Synths   Alan Parsons
Eric Woolfson
Produced & Engineered   Alan Parsons
Executive Producer   Eric Woolfson
Assistant Engineers   Chris Blair
Patrick Stapley
Tom Trefethen
Assistant Engineer on remix   Tony Richards
Sleeve Design   Hipgnosis